Get a firsthand perspective on life at Newman Lofts. Just like you, our Residents were once weighing their living options. See what makes our Community your next destination.


"My husband and I moved into Newman Lofts in 2019. We have always been residents of East Lansing and found ourselves downtown eating in restaurants, shopping, and participating in city festivals and events on campus. We were ready to be part of the action with easy access to the campus and the amenities downtown. Newman Lofts is convenient to everything, Hannah Community Center, restaurants, shopping and campus. We rarely drive our car and walk to most locations so it’s a healthy living style, as well. Management has been very accommodating to our needs and any issues which come up (which are few). We love the gym and community room and deck on sixth floor for entertaining. We also enjoy the other residents and the new conversations with people who have a variety of backgrounds and interests." 

- Jacqueline B. (Newman Lofts Resident)


"My wife and I moved into Newman Lofts in October of 2019. We were coming to East Lansing quite often to see our son and attend events on Michigan State. We were watching all the construction that was going on, Newman Lofts in particular. The more that we thought about it, the more my wife and I thought this could be a great place to live. I have seen many articles for people in retirement or nearing retirement that recommend living in or near a college town. Living in a college town has many advantages. There are sporting events and many other activities on campus, as well as events and activities in the East Lansing area.

We also, wanted to experience downtown living. We loved the idea of being within walking distance to stores and restaurants. Newman Lofts was the perfect location. It is conveniently located across the street from Michigan State. My wife and I love to walk and what better place to walk than on the campus of MSU. The campus scenery is beautiful with the botanical and horticulture gardens. It is always enjoyable to watch the squirrels, ducks and the geese. If you don’t want to drive to shopping or downtown Lansing, you can take the bus.

The units are very nice and spacious. The amenities are great. We love the fitness center. You just have to go to the 6th floor to workout. The convenience of the business center and clubroom are great. The staff and management are very friendly and always helpful.

We made the right decision moving to Newman Lofts. My wife and I have been very happy here and plan to continue being residents. Since we have been here, we have found plenty of things to do to keep us busy. The only problem that we have had is finding enough time to do everything we want to do. We highly recommend Newman Lofts for seniors who are active and want to experience downtown living or just want a nice place to live." 

- Larry K. (Newman Lofts Resident)

"I selected Newman Lofts—sight unseen—as my home away from home. I accepted a position at MSU during the onset of COVID, and it was difficult to view places to live. A dear colleague told me about “this new apartment is building right by campus”, and the rest is history!

The staff are wonderful and the amenities are first class. The library offers the perfect space to work quietly, while the rooftop is the perfect entertainment space during summer and fall. We park in a deck, so there is no shoveling snow during winter. We have wine socials and other events to build community, and that is a great way to engage with neighbors.

This is the perfect home for recently retired or working professionals. It’s next door to restaurants, bars, and shops, and there is even a coffee shop next door! It works for me because I own a house elsewhere, and this allows my life in EL to be simple and elegant. It’s a delightful, energetic community, and I’m happy I chose to live here. You should join us! " 

- Sheneka W. (Newman Lofts Resident)

"Newman Lofts has made it easy to have a place Up North. When we leave, we know that everything is secure and that we don’t need to arrange for the grass to be cut, the mail to be picked up, or the garbage taken out. When we return to Newman Lofts, we are happy to leave the cooking to the many local and small restaurants nearby. And the walking can’t be beat – campus is your park across the street, the library just a few blocks away, and you can walk to grocery stores (Campbell’s Market is a local treat!). The roof top garden and common areas adds to the community feel of Newman Lofts. The gym is a gem – though it makes it hard to find an excuse to not work out!" 

- Anonymous (Newman Lofts Resident)

"We can’t wait to move into Newman Lofts! Now that we are leasing we’re freed from having to take care of home – no more repair or maintenance costs and we get that time back for ourselves. The walkability of the area and the many options of things to do within walking distance will give us the ability to be spontaneous, doing what we want, when we want – makes me feel 20 years younger just thinking about all the possibilities! The building has all the luxury we’ve come to expect from a home we own, and the amenities mean we don’t have to give up the things we loved about having a home – the amenity deck with gardens, grills, and dog run mean we still have a backyard, and the community gathering spaces mean we still have a large space to entertain in. Newman Lofts checks all of the boxes on our list and we can’t wait to be residents in the future." 

- Betty N. (Newman Lofts Future Resident)